mommy blogging.

The kids looked cute all dressed fancy for church, so we stopped on our road and snapped a picture.
Well, he needed a haircut anyway...

Loves Loooooves to read. Once he read books for a whole hour while I rearranged the furniture. True story.

Just thinking he's doing something important makes his eyes dance :)
"Our mom doesn't dress us and we play trains and shoot rainbows out of our hinders all day!"
Archer's doing all these super cute things lately...and Trae's saying all these super cute things lately. If I was sleeping, I'd remember them long enough to share them. Brookelyn and Elliot are reading and spelling like lunatics all.day.long. Which is excellent until you've spelled or read the same cycle of words from the 9 cards they carry around and re-spell 14 hundred times everyday. Our van drives from point A to point B...we are making strides, people! I've been organizing and cleaning like a madwoman...that feels pretty good. Redirecting my stress...

Oh, and by the way:

Once upon a time, I started writing people off. The End
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