I'm finding all sorts of things to blog about...

...for instance: I'm sick. My nose runs constantly, and during the day I can deal with that with boxes upon boxes of Kleenex.

When I was little...I remember waking up sometimes
with boogers caked all over my face because
I had a runny nose and didn't wake up. It's not like
you could really wipe them off because they were crusted on
and if you picked them off, it hurt. So you just had
to wet them in the shower and then wipe them off, which is gross.

So, I've been sleeping with a Kleenex jammed up my nostril the past two nights. When Archer wakes up and sees me like that, he giggles and pulls it out :) So far no comments from my husband, but I think he was so distracted this morning by it and that's why he forgot to re-set MY alarm that he's borrowing because his "is messed up and keeps shutting off" and I woke up late. Not late enough for the kids to miss the bus though, thank goodness.
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