I've not left my house in 3 whole days. I think I'm becoming a hermit

I'm leaving soon for a chiropractor appointment though, and hopefully that will get rid of the "I'm being pulled apart like a caterpillar" feeling I have between my hips. Tomorrow I'm going on a field trip with Brookelyn to the pumpkin patch and getting pumpkins for all the kids :) She even wants to sit with me on the bus.

I'm all cleared to go to a friends "All Girls" weekend. Can't come soon enough, especially since i've been challenged to a cupcake eating contest. Make up my trophy :)

Ugh...anyone want to venture a guess at how long it takes to replace an engine? An eternity, thats how long. Fingers crossed it will be back in commission by Sunday.

Oh, I know what I can say to make this post a little funny at least:

The other day, while perusing Goodwill for halloween costumes, this older guy who was quite eccentric with a very long beard and hair, Harley dud's and funky hat(think Gepetto from Pinocchio)...followed me down my aisle crouching down to check out my rain boots.

Dude: Whoooooaa! What are those, moon boots or something? I've never seen anything like them!"

Me: Oh, thanks...

Dude: (bending down to see what was one them) "What is that on there...?"

Me: "A coy fish :)"

Him: (standing up and noticing Archer in the cart) "Oh look, and she has a little baby with her! I tell you the people I run into...never seen anything like it! I love it!"
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