1st day of School 2009

She looks a little tentative, even though she is super excited. Elliot just looks excited. We had no problems with bedtime last night, and they both fell asleep as soon as their little heads hit the pillows.

My 2nd grader! How is that possible?

My little Kindergartner :D

Anxiously awaiting her school bus.

Trae trying Elliot's backpack on for size...

Daddy went in a little late so he could see them off on their first day.

Plain excited! (see his little shadow there?)

As soon as the bus came, Trae broke down a little.

Brookelyn's been awaiting this first ride for a long time :)

Someday my bus will come...

The boys and I drove to school and waited for the bus to come...Trae looking out the window and waiting to see his brother and sister pull up.

Someones glad to be back.

Aww. My baby girl is starting school already.

Her cubby.

Helping Elliot put his things in his desk.

Overall probably the most heartbreaking picture of the bunch. He was just playing all alone, and when I went out to check on him he said "momma...Archer come out here?"

Playing all alone...eventually he caught the kitty and brought him inside to play a little, but the kitty wasn't impressed. He requested pizza, he got it. Sparklers? Totally, we'll do the whole box. :)
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