Vaction: Summer 2009 we went to a waterpark in the mix, but i didn't want my camera damaged or stolen so regrettfully, we have no pictures:(

The only picture of all 4 of them :D

Trae got this ball out of a machine...and started sucking on the hand and calling it "my nuk!"

Our laser tag team...we bad.

We convinced my mom to play and she was # 1.

Our condo.

Archer loves Trae lately. They are best buds.

We climbed rock walls.

Me after they coaxed me down. Initially I hadn't thought about how I was going to get down once I went up...so I tried climbing down and it didn't really work. I hate heights, but the competitive factor was stronger than my fear for heights. So I finally let go, and slammed into the wall because I was so freaked out I forgot to push back, and then I landed on my butt because I didn't focus and put my feet down. (This happened 2 out of 4 times)

You got 2 climbs, so I went with Jason the next time. Couldn't pass on the second climb, and it wasn't quite as scary.

chalk drawing of our family al a Erica.

Archer was at the door constantly. This isn't the picture I had envisioned, but when I was trying to execute the shot, he wasn't interested in the door anymore. Trae came up and was saying "Ah-cha, moooove!" and this is equally as cute as what I was trying to do.

another laser tag team picture.

greens vs. reds. somehow I came in 3rd both times, but was on the losing team.

I talked him into it...and then he was going to delete these pictures. I think they're adorable.

that's me way way up there. 46 feet into oblivion.

Elliot is afraid of heights. He went first and ended up crying. The guy had to list him down because he wouldn't let go. When my dad caught his breath from laughing so hard at my little freak out, he said "hmm, I wonder where Elliot gets it from?"

Brian and Erin made it out for a campfire with their boys...the kids had a blast. Trae called Ty "little boy" and asked him if "he liked this truck?" referring to my dad's power stroke.

the kids roasting marshmallows for s'mores.
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