My bad...

Alaina is the bomb.com, and I absent-mindedly forgot to link to her blog when I tagged her for calling me a harrasser, and I read her blog because she is my friend, but also because she witty and charming and clarifies tons of things for me, like what the heck LMAO, MUAH, & BYOB mean. She also helps me do simple tasks on my computer that I can't figure out on my own (and thinks it's cute..instead of thinking i'm a total moron), and is making me something (it's a secret) someday, and when she finally! sends me the thing to re-post, I will make you something as well (if you're one of the first 5 commenters and follow my blog...). Sorry Alaina, are you still going to watch the offspring Friday?? Seriously, I only forgot because I wasn't sleeping, and that was because I missed you and wondered how you were all the way in Montana...we need to talk.


p.s. I've been meaning to ask you...how do I put a line through something as if I'm crossing it out...? It's bothering me because I can't figure it out and I keep forgetting to google it.

Independance Day (weekend) Celebration in Rewind.

me and my sisters

Archer loves the sandbox.

my dad being adorable

my whole crew (minus archer) elliot was pulling brookelyn in the inner tube with his kayak.


I love this series of photos on the stairs.

Archer finally crashed out in the hammock and slept there by himself for about an hour.

a tie between this one and the one below of Brookelyn jumping off the dock for my favorite photo from the weekend.

loving on grandpa.


my birthday flip flops. i love them.

concentrating on walking.

me with Archer and Anya :)

Casey playing pretend.

love this one...



Tee second road sign i've seen with Archer in it...

Misty and AnyaBug

The Heyes family.

Stephen and Kristian.

photo by Jason..."my best photo ever..."


Elliot was making grass crowns and necklaces.
the adorable Erin

the bike jump came shortly after.


harley dudes

Erin loved the baby.

Erin...who Elliot and Brookelyn have taken to calling "Trae's girlfriend"

playing with the kitty.

when you gotta go, you gotta go....
We played at the beach and had a cookout with the Heyes family, and then the guys went on a fishing excursion ( a short one, sorry for interrupting) The kids played with chickens and cats, raced big wheels, and played with the train table, and then we all met back up at the fireworks.
The next day, we went to Kelberts and played in their lake, used their kayaks, and Jason went on a fishing excursion. (anyone sense a pattern here...?) We ate delicious food and lazed in the hammock and listened to Jamie play music and sing. Then we headed to Heathers for another potluck. We played in the sandbox, competitive games of lasso golf, and sat on top of a mountain for fireworks with swarms of lake flies buzzing.
On Sunday, we went to church and the family took naps while I looked for a cabin to rent for our vacation next week....and I finally found one and it's going to be fantastic! After gospel meeting, we had a bonfire at mom and dad's, went for a walk (just us girls), and watched rocket launches from our very own (parents) yard.
It was fun and exhausting and it took me forever to post about it because, well, did you see all those photos...? I have plenty more that will be going on the photoblog soon, and I love my new lens. The end.
**my spell checker is a male....know how I know...? Well, it's because it marked 2 words as misspelled, and then suggested I spell them the exact same way I had them spelled, and I was like "dude, hello....I already thought of that, but thanks."
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