sticking up for dad.

Elliot was telling my mom how he had to open all the windows this morning because Jason burned eggs, and Brookelyn said that "he always burns everything."

***a retelling as acurate as I can remember it....

Elliot: "Well, he doesn't cook a lot...he doesn't know"

Brookelyn: "Well, he still burns everything...even pizza."

Elliot: "He doesn't burn the pizza, Brookelyn, that's what color it's supposed to be."

Brookelyn: "It's not supposed to be brown, Elliot, that means it's burned"

Mom: "Well he can make pancakes too, can't he?"

Brookelyn: "Yah, and he burns those too."

...and at supper time....

Elliot: "Grandma, this pizza isn't burned, it's perfect!"...in reference to her "not brown" pizza :D


  • My sister was sick with a migraine for a week and at one point Elliot was asking if her headache went away yet. When she said it hadn't, he asked "have you tried some cheese or some salt for your headache?" She said no, and asked if that was supposed to work, to which he replied "I don't know...I never tried it!"
  • Yesterday we were at a friends house on the lake and Elliot, Brookelyn, and their uncle Tony found an ant hill. Elliot commented that all the ants were going into one hole, and Brookelyn said "That's their coffee shop, Elliot!"
  • Also yesterday, at our second 4th of July party, we had to run back to the house to use the potty from the park where the fireworks were. Everyone was up at the hill, and Brookelyn asked if everyone was gone...and I told her they were all waiting for the fireworks to start. She said "oh, I didn't realize there weren't that many people here..."
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