Bullets, because seriously, I can't even begin to form a coherent sentence, much less try to write neat little paragraphs.

  • Hahahaaaa. My kids are driving me insane! Every time I turn around theres another huge mess to clean up. Every time I blink theres someone tattling. Everytime I breath theres someone requesting food or drink, and every time my heart beats the baby cries again.
  • Which reminds me....all you natural healing people, because I'm new at this: Archer has a double ear infection. My natural path told me to use Silver orally and 2 drops in his ear every 4 hours for 2 days. When I called her again, she said to keep doing it if I didn't see improvement, and we added Mullein Oil in the ear for pain (once in the morning, once at night) and Lavender Oil behind the ear for pain as needed. We are on day 7....he still tugs at his ear and screams when I put anything in it. I have an antibiotic prescription sitting at the pharmacy, but the 3 rounds we've done prior didn't help either....so, any suggestions? (I should add that I put the oil behind and in the ear when he was pulling on it and fussing and he went right to sleep)
  • The other thing is....he cut his first tooth on Tuesday (bottom right) and I think the other one is trying to come through as well, so maybe the crankiness is associated with that as well?
  • Oh, and while we're on the topic of my little buckaroo...he seems to be losing interest in nursing. I swear he bucks the system every chance he gets. (wonder who he takes after?) If I go to put him in his car seat or highchair, he stiffens out and then relaxes and sits happy as can be...but he has to have his mini protest first. He's walking around the furniture now, but refuses to crawl still. He scoots on his bottom...rolls...gets on all fours and then sits back on his butt, but refuses to crawl. I know he CAN crawl, I've seen him...but he just won't. We need to get one of those walk behind toys...he loves to walk. And like, really, I have nothing better to do than walk him around the house/yard all day...
  • I'm having a garage sale!...that is, if I can ever get over the sheer horror at beginning to sort/price all.that.stuff. There is tons and tons and tons of stuff to go, and we have one teeny tiny garage thats mostly full of power wheels and chickens and unpainted furniture.
  • We have 11 birds now, and we'll be getting 9 more soon. Nikki brought some from the zoo that they didn't want, and will bring the rest when they get to big for the petting zoo. We shall have fresh eggs...and fresh meat? The kids of course don't want to eat them, but obviously we won't be whacking their heads off with them looking on anyway. (Nikki, you can skip this part) Chicken is our meat of choice, and if we can have free range, why not?
  • Tonight we have a date! We were offered free tickets to go with a group of our friends to a comedy club, and that's probably just what I need to shake out all this pent up frustration.
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