I was having a lovely chat the other night with a good friend of mine whom I plan to have dinner and a pedicure with tonight. I recognize excellent blog fodder when I see it, so I decided to share. I didn't use LOL!! but I really was laughing out loud:)

9:41pmCurly Red Headed Friend:

ready to spend some one on one quality time with me on Friday?

heck yes...i need it.
i forgot to cancel the other appts..so i'm going to call around tomorrow and hopefully find somewhere else in the same price range...
i'm doing this in place of a b-day gift ;-)

9:44pmCurly Red Headed Friend
it's your birthday?

june 28
it's how i justified the expense to my hubby :-)

9:45pmCurly Red Headed Friend
oooooh awesome!
yep :-)

9:49pmCurly Red Headed Friend
where is the place we are eating at located?

college ave...across from the outback steakhouse...

9:51pmCurly Red Headed Friend
still on the south side of the street?

on the mall side...if thats south then yes...

9:51pmCurly Red Headed Friend
nope that's north. haa haa

okay...umm, nope it would be the north side :-)

9:52pmCurly Red Headed Friend
ha ha ha ha
you're crazy
I love it!

i am. fear me (cackle, cackle!!)

9:53pmCurly Red Headed Friend
don't make me laugh!

i'd rather you snort actually :-)
okay, so do think this is funny?

9:54pmCurly Red Headed Friend
that can be arranged.

i was trying like heck to get elliot to call his duck raekwon because i think it's hilarious, but no one else seems to think funny

9:55pmCurly Red Headed Friend
that is HIL-AR-IOUS

you really think so, or you're just humoring me..?

9:56pmCurly Red Headed Friend
no that is funny. it's dorky humor which is absolutely what I go for

good. i'm putting it on the blog tomorrow...we'll see what kind of reveiws we get. it's wasted humor if they don't get it...but whatever.

9:57pmCurly Red Headed Friend
if they don't get it... it's their loss
I pity them.

yep. we'll exclude them from our club.

9:59pmCurly Red Headed Friend
yay! we have a club!!!
I've always wanted to be in a club
can we have a secret handshake?
or matching hair ribbons or something?

oh...or goggles?hair ribbons and goggles?

10:00pmCurly Red Headed Friend
heh heh or a cape!

yes, like the lilttle girl you used to have on your profile pic...

10:01pmCurly Red Headed Friend
I TOTALLY thought of that!

bam!!! we rock

10:02pmCurly Red Headed Friend
we do!
now to inform the world of this conclusion.

we have to figure out a greeting. i'm all for the sumo wrestler stance and grunt

10:03pmCurly Red Headed Friend
ha ha ha

u prepare yourself then..i'm going to come bounding up and i'll probably even yank my underwear up my crack for effect!

10:05pmCurly Red Headed Friend
oh my word

you have to do it too...if you want in the club..it's part of the greeting ;-)

10:05pmCurly Red Headed Friend
but then everyone else will see the secret greeting

yeah, that's what will make them want in...everyone loves to yank underwear up their crack...it will be a very exclusive club.

10:07pmCurly Red Headed Friend
ha ha ha
we are morons

i might use this on my blog...if i blot out your name do i have your permission?
i would laugh hysterically...
if i read something this great...

10:08pmCurly Red Headed Friend
sure. go right ahead!


10:09pmCurly Red Headed Friend
you can even use some psuedonym that isn't really a psuedonym at all like "a curly redhead" ha ha... that's even funnier.
people will know it's me... but without saying my name.

yes yes...great idea. i will do that. you will be the star of my blog. and everyone will want in, i just know it.

10:10pmCurly Red Headed Friend
fo shizzle!

that makes it 150% awesomer now that you went all fo shizzle on my rump...

10:11pmCurly Red Headed Friend
just remind them to "don't be hating up on us"
heh you said rump

we'll get all our peeps "up in yo grill...no what i sayin'?"

10:12pmCurly Red Headed Friend
I'm feelin' ya

so how do i feel then...?

10:14pmCurly Red Headed Friend
um, soft and a little fuzzy in places. a little much like a marshmellow in the obvious places.... but all around warm and absolutely delightful

a marshmellow?

10:15pmCurly Red Headed Friend
/whew I'm done posting on my blog. got things posted out until the 19th. major cleanup of posts.
yes. marshmellow. you know. ooey gooey sugary goodness

i wanted to be chizzled fo' shizzle...

10:16pmCurly Red Headed Friend
well played!!!!
+50 points

thanks...whats the score/ i love these score games when it comes to battles of the wits...

10:17pmCurly Red Headed Friend
um, I'm at 1,000,032 and you're at 757,999
more of a slaughter

wah. i'm losing. but...when i post it on my blog, i get all the points for that idea...so i guess that'll put me at 1,000,033 and i'm in the lead.

10:18pmCurly Red Headed Friend
Foiled again! a pox on that fabulous idea
/taps fingers together
I will think of something..... if it kills me.

i'm sorry, could you explain that concept?

10:19pmCurly Red Headed Friend
which one?

a "pox?"

10:20pmCurly Red Headed Friend

great...maybe you could hex the readers into leaving tons of comments..boost my ego that has been deflated by your marshmellow comment...

10:21pmCurly Red Headed Friend
ooh the marshmellow comment was directed towards me! not you!

i think it's actually marshmallow

10:22pmCurly Red Headed Friend
I was so not talking about you!
oh my

i'm mostly okay ;-)

10:22pmCurly Red Headed Friend
aren't we all. aren't we all.
ha ha

touche' take your points.

10:23pmCurly Red Headed Friend
I took your comment "how do I feel then" to be ... what am you feel when you touch me.
I get points for acquiescing?


just let me that word up quick...

10:24pmCurly Red Headed Friend

you get point for using big words that stump your opponent

10:24pmCurly Red Headed Friend


10:25pmCurly Red Headed Friend
(pst... what am I looking at?)

just let me that word up quick...

10:26pmCurly Red Headed Friend


10:23pmAlaina I took your comment "how do I feel then" to be ... what am you feel when you touch me
what should this say? shall i get my helmet on, because i don't get it..

10:27pmCurly Red Headed Friend
ooooh opps

"I took your comment "how do I feel" to be... "what do you feel when you touch me"

i get you...

10:28pmCurly Red Headed Friend
feel me?
/ha ha ha ha ha
/laughs uncontrollably

yep...and now my hands are all sticky.

(you know...from the marshmallow)

10:29pmCurly Red Headed Friend
that's what HE said
ha ha ha ha ha
that was the sound of the machine busting 1 BILLION points
oh yeah

great. i'm a loser on my own blog. you best watch your back.
i don't do losing well.

10:30pmCurly Red Headed Friend
physically impossible
(to watch my back)
unless I get super cool goggles

leave it to you to get all technical on me...

10:31pmCurly Red Headed Friend


10:32pmCurly Red Headed Friend
You've got tired and worn "curly redhead" talking.... I can't be held accountable for any of this.

have you ordered your keyboard purse yet/

10:32pmCurly Red Headed Friend
but if it's funny... I get the credit
no... haven't ordered it.... I'm scared
I've filled out the order form and stopped before clicking confirm... about 5 times.

well, when you read it on my blog tomorrow, you let me know how hard i made you snort...
order the bag!!

10:33pmCurly Red Headed Friend
yes ma'am

now! go!
what color are you paiting your toes

10:34pmCurly Red Headed Friend
probably french mani

yeah, me too.
are you clicking order yet...?

10:36pmCurly Red Headed Friend
lol. not yet. I'm scared

why? i know you have a huge savings...and you may as well tote your check register totaling all those savings in a bag you really love.
besides..key board purses are hawt

10:37pmCurly Red Headed Friend
ha ha ha!
me huge check register? pffst

it's huger than mine...

10:38pmCurly Red Headed Friend
that's what HE said
oh boy... you keep GIVING these to me!

...yeah, and then i was all "no drizzle fo' schizzle" :-P
ya know, cuz it'd be more like a fire hose than a drizzle...
if it was huger than mine...

10:40pmCurly Red Headed Friend
ooooh my
you went THERE
ha ha ha

it's your fault. you influenced me.

10:42pmCurly Red Headed Friend
innocent me?
/looks around the room.

you're older

10:43pmCurly Red Headed Friend
you can't be thinking it was ME

i can't beleive i'm talking about how huge my thing is and likening it to a fire hose....

we bad...
we reek of awesomness.
or perhaps we're overtired...?
(we meaning me)

10:46pmCurly Red Headed Friend
no... "we" are tired.
I'm almost done my 200 blog feeders.
yeah, and I'm so reminding you about your hose later

i'm not demonstrating...no matter how much you beg

10:50pmCurly Red Headed Friend
dream of me!
ha ha

i'll do whatever i wanna do, GOSH!!

10:51pmCurly Red Headed Friend


10:52pmCurly Red Headed Friend
go clean up and go to bed missy.
don't make me tell you again.

later freak. :-)

Okay guys, so my question to you is...? Do YOU think RaeKwon is a hilarious name for a duck? A chuckle at least...? No...?

If so, you are welcome into the club and you can express your desire to join by doing the sumo squat and grundy the next time you see me. It will be between you and I ;)

and my little Curly Red Headed Friend....what is the order status on the bag? You know I know they are all dying to know....

And that, my friends, is the randomness of chat.
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