awards ceremony and a picnic

Elliot eating lunch with his friend*

Elliot waiting for his award, which ended up being "Excellence in Math"

10 minutes into it my flip flop broke, which was awesome because then I could hobble along with my double stroller through a crowded gym, down a corridor to get hotdogs for the 4 of us with a screaming child.

luckily I'm handy and I can tie knots :)

Trae totally wanted that chicks balloon..."bwoon mama, peas...bwoon?" He couldn't stop thinking about it or trying to run up and steal it right out of her hands.

I love this one of Trae chasing behind Elliot..who was chasing his friend Cole.

This is right after the awards ceremony was done...Elliot stopped to say hi and Trae grabbed him and hugged him.

The 3 of them. I did get a little choked up when I took this thinking that Brookleyn will be starting school very soon....

I'm infatuated with these shots of the three of them holding hands and walking...

Friend* again...she wanted to hold him. I said no because I didn't want her to drop him. Then she wanted to feed him cereal. I said no thanks. So she decided to kiss him and touch his hands that go right into his mouth.

Said Friends* crack. Couldn't pass it up, it was a Kodak moment.

My boy loves to jump, and I love to watch him jump.

Oh how I love this shot...

....this one too.

This lady makes me feel insecure about my mothering....and I bet she's not even judging me. I'm sure it's a figment of my imagination. She has 2 children, Julianna and Levi, and she doesn't let them play near the other kids. Also, I think she was onto me with the picture thing. I totally watched her eat a hotdog today...so there. Gag...I had one as well, no bun. So gross.

On a mission looking for his older siblings.

Always running somewhere...

Mrs. Grable, the principal. Also the reason I got to enjoy a picnic and play time with the other kids. Archer sang himself to sleep by her. She totally doesn't look like a principal.

Love this :)

Bonus sleeping baby picture from last night...because I didn't have to many to post :)
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