le curtains...

i think they're perfect. also...trae already knocked 3 pictures off the wall, any suggestions to keep them put? thanks...i'm done updating with decorative stuff now.

the picture wall...the one that looks like it has a problem, does have a problem. yes i measured, but the weight of the one side of the frame keep pulling that side down. this is going to bother my dad when he comes over...he hates crooked pictures. i'm happy with it for now, even though the crooked thing will bother me as well.

the kids pictures finally back on the wall in the living room. archers really needs to be updated again, and then this one will go on the picture wall.

our engagement picture, circa 2000...we were engaged my senior year in high school. all the girls drooled over this picture and wanted ones like it with their boyfriends. i hung this one in our room above one of the dressers. i scrap booked all our wedding pictures, but i have the negatives so i think i may have one blown up again and hang it above the other dresser.

i hung this one near our claw foot tub..taken circa 2001 on a trip to door county when we got back from our honeymoon.

the other side...curtain help please? I've gone to do it 3-4 times, got overwhelmed and quit.

the bathroom door sits at an angle and once they are stained and finished, there will be french doors with leaded glass above them going into the master bathroom.

i have beautiful throw pillows, and have some cute ideas for an arrangement above our bed...anyone agree the mirror has to go? my husband won't let me part with that either...

if you can imagine this flat...
****picture wall pics coming soon.
I stayed up until 2 am cleaning our bedroom....sorting through drawers, washing windows, rearranging the furniture in there. We've never moved our bed since we built 3 years ago because Jason always says it wouldn't fit. I took the opportunity to try it out while he was gone, and it does fit...I just have to take our ugly headboard off, which I wanted to do anyway because the screws are somewhat stripped and it never stays tight. I'm going to work on doing a picture wall. You know, the ones that have all sorts of random pictures in a huge grouping? It's been a dream for years, but I never had a really great wall. With the furniture like it is, we can wake up facing our big sunny window with the picture wall off to the side. I'll post pictures when I'm all done as long as you promise not to judge our trimless, carpetless room. (which by the way will be done soon...it's just finding the time;)) Also, I need curtains for in there, but am totally at a loss of what to do because the window is so big (11feet) so suggestions will be very welcome.
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