My baby is 7.

Enlarge the top one to see Jason and I as newborns*

Our growing family...

I have no idea why these are turned sideways...I re-loaded them and got the same result.

Where my love for photography started.
Birthday wish last year...

A few randoms I snapped throughout the year...

His huge muscles...:)

He needs this tooth pulled.
It's crazy to think that I will officially have been a mom for 7 years as of 4:53pm. 7 years ago they had just broken my water again (it broke the night before around midnight and nothing started happening, but they have the rule about delivering within 24 hours. Turns out with 3 of the 4 babies, I had a fore bag of waters...so my water broke, but didn't really "break")
My labor with Elliot was by far the easiest. Some how I was able to sleep through my contractions. It lasted 7 hours from the time they broke my water the second time, but I had been in the hospital 17 hours by the time he was born. My family came up right away and sat in the freezing cold waiting room and tried to sleep while I took my sweet time :) I remember it getting hard on my dad towards the end, seeing me in so much pain. He left the room when I decided to start stripping because I got so hot. I'm glad I don't have the image of me laboring naked in my socks etched in brain...it's a wonder we went on to have 3 more :)
My sister Misty was living in Minnesota at the time and she had to finish her shift at work before she could head up. I guess she arrived just in time to hear his first little cries outside the door of my room where my dad had his eear pressed as well.
I couldn't believe how tiny he looked, and immediately I said "shh, mommy's here" and I surprised myself at how natural that was. At one point during all the shots ect. I heard the nurse say something that alarmed me and right away I panicked and said a little to harshly "what's wrong with him...?" She felt bad and said he was just fine, she was just pointing out the little indentation down the middle of his ribs. I was relieved and excited he had gotten that trait from his daddy....along with scrunched up little toes. The general consensus was that he looked like his daddy...must've been what made him so cute.
Happy Birthday Elliot....it's amazing how much you've grown. I'm so proud of your everything.
Love you to the moon and back~ Mommy xoxoxo
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