I officially hate food coloring.

My very professional cupcake baking set up...

Elliot asked for Sponge Bob themed cupcakes for his birthday treat tomorrow, and always aiming to please I thought to myself, "self, making little chunks of bright yellow cheese with bucked teeth..? piece of cake..." (no pun intended) So, I set about the task with the 2 little guys yet awake, just to further frustrate myself with trying to mix little baggies of frosting and dribbling food coloring all over my hands and trying to do it all with a baby on my hip and a toddler begging for more "upcake!"

Little square hunk of cheese #1...and then I thought he'd be embarrassed, because I am...

Little yellow hunk of square cheese #2...mercy, I'm even more impressed with myself here. It's like his gums are bleeding.

Don't judge me...I decided on this because 1st graders find bulgy eyes hilarious, I bet.

..and yes, I did realize along the way that he's a sponge. I'm officially a crabby patty, because this endeavor was no cake walk...and my hands are stained all different fun colors and I can't even sample them. Wheat free, remember...? I'd be willing to bet Elliot and Brookelyn will gladly eat the ones I hit with the ugly stick for breakfast...

In other news, all the kids are officially asleep...I'm free to make the bug eyed little freaks in peace. Thank goodness he asked for something easy, like "a drag racing type car" for his party on Sunday. Oh, and I think his teachers going to hate me for feeding her class 27 pounds of sugar.
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