my favorite picture from the weekend...i was sitting out on our lovely new deck in a rainstorm.

I broke down and had wheat today because we had Olive Garden for lunch, and who am I to pass up a bread stick? Well, it's back to wheat free living tomorrow...I am swollen. It could of course be an unrelated side effect, but I don't swell often...unless I'm pregnant and about to pop that puppy out. Anyway, I have cheek bones! So, wheat free is the way to be...for me...and my baby...

My baby sis took pity on me and made me a delectable wheat free chocolate dessert. It's like a cheese cake, but chocolate with andes mints crumbled on top. I was very territorial of it, and I'll be eating the last piece tomorrow for breakfast. I'm embarrassed, but I'll tell you how many pieces I've eaten today if you promise not to judge me or check to see if it really went to my hips the next time you see me :)

Elliot turns 7 on Wednesday. We have the awesomest sweetest gift...that I'm trying to keep my mouth closed about. I foresee some crazy awesome photo shoots!

Most importantly, I was finally able to get some sleep in this weekend. I managed to sleep until 9 this morning while my prince got the kids all ready for meeting...and then when were we all supposed to nap, but 2 mini us's refused, he took them out and closed the door so I got another 2 hours worth :) Sleep has alluded me all week for some reason...I have a very hard time pin pointing the source of my stress, so theres nothing to be done but wait for it to go away or wait for my body to collapse out of sheer exhaustion, which is what went down. I feel asleep and couldn't wake up...I even got up with children and don't remember it in the morning.

I think I'm rambling, so off I go to sleep yet again...
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