Chaotic Day Bullets:

  • The big news is that I went to see the surgeon today and wasn't at all surprised to find out that the type of hernia I have is rare. So obsessed with being different and exotic that it manifests in my medical conditions. Normally hernias show up either in the groin or the abdominals....mine isn't in either place and instead is half way between my hip and my belly button. Apparently you've got your abdominals and then a triangle of muscles jutting out towards you hip which is where your blood vessels run. Sometimes the holes where the vessels run stretch out and viola'...you've got a hernia. It turns out it is "tissue" (code for fat:)) bulging out and ot intestine. It's a cinch to repair, just a little incision and 2-3 stitches to close the hole with very low risks, however, since I am not at all symptomatic and it is harmless my doctor said it's up to me if i'd like her to fix it or not. After a 2 second deliberation I decided to go ahead and pass on that. It could get bigger, it could stay like it is forever (the size of my pinky finger tip) and I didn't ask but I wonder if it'd go away if I lost more weight? The wheat free diet is having that result...no cookies, but at least I can still have milk duds. I was this * close to kissing her...my nerves were going crazy, and I was very relieved. Nausea is a new nerve symptom for me...and disappeared before I made the 4 mile walk back to my car. (a very long drawn out story about the frustration of finding parking and the actual office that I won't bore you with...this will be long enough) So yay, no surgery.
  • While I was waiting for my name to be called, this lady came in with her mom for the mom's appointment and she had a daughter about Brookelyn's age, even though she looked like she should have been the grandma. (the girl called her mommy) Anyway, the real grandma got checked in and came to sit on the love seat where the mom and little girl were sitting, and the way she talked to her little girl floored me.


So the little girls climbs on her lap really nicely, still holding her Highlights magazine and pen.

Mom: pushing the little girl off her lap onto the floor...GET AWAY FROM ME UNTIL YOU CAN TREAT ME NICE....NOW YOU LOOK YOUR GRANDMA IN THE EYES AND SMILE AND SAY HI.

Little girl: shaking head.

Mom: Tell her! Now! I guess i'll look at my own magazine and not do yours with you you little imp...

Little girl: Slapping herself up and down her arms and flailing about.

Mom: You STOP THAT right now!

Little girl: Punching the air and flailing and finally sitting with her arms crossed and pouting.

I suppose it's none of my business, but I really wanted to tell her that maybe if she talked to her daughter like she was human she'd act like one. It made me think of Brookelyn and made me sad for the little girl...and really? She just seemed to despise the poor thing. In case you were going to comment on it...the little girl seemed very normal and functioned appropriately for her age and so forth until her mom started berating her. I realize that sometimes there are reasons that we need to be hard core and everything, but I really believe that this so called mom was just not nice and there wasn't really any excuse for her behavior. She was acting out...but she was being perfectly good just reading her book until her mom shoved her off her lap annd went into one...

  • There was this mom that I mistook for a 14 year old at t-ball tonight. She was getting on my nerves because instead of minding her boy, Zeke, she felt a need to mind my boy, Trae. Jason had to work concessions tonight, so I was watching Elliot play with the 3 other kids to run after. I shouldn't have really worried to much about keeping an eye out for Trae because he touched a rock, she tattled. Heck, he eyed a rock, she tattled. Then he picked up a stick and as I'm talking to him and telling him to put it down so no one got hurt, she's shrieking behind me like there was major pandemonium going down. I finally got popcorn to try and get him to stay in one place and all of a sudden he started crying pretty hard. I asked him what was wrong and, you guessed it, she answered for him that he had bitten his tongue. Of course I resisted the urge to snap that if she didn't mind her own business there would be major pandemonium going down because I am sick up to here ^ with your commentary on MY childs activities.
  • Lastly...just out of curiosity: Lets say you were a coach (a mom coach) of your son's Little League team and he wasn't listening AT ALL and you were really fed up, but your entire teams parents were sitting watching the game and could here exactly what you are saying, would you really yell at him to "get his a$$ off of that right this minute?" Because I just don't think that I would. Great example of how we talk to each other I tell ya.

I'm not trying to rant it out here...I just have to get some of this negative energy gone so I can get some kind of sleep after battling a migraine through the night last night and most of today.

Everything you'll ever want to know...

For all you photography and videography buffs out there, I just wanted to give you a link to some informational videos done by EOS Lighting, that can give very in depth insight on how to set exposure and white balance as well as discussion on lenses, composition, and depth of field. If you are more into the video aspect, there are videos on focusing, zooming, and recording audio for video on your video camera. They have videos on a very interesting concept called Chroma Key that I urge you to check out...it's pretty awesome.

...and if it's not there, just e-mail my friend Stephen, and he'll get right on that.

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