So as it turns out, the homeopathist (if that's a word!) found Archer has a wheat allergy only, which is great news because I really thought he would have a dairy allergy as well, but I'll still have to cut out enough things from my diet. I haven't a clue really about homeopathy, I just know that western medicine at this point wasn't helping and so decided to try something different.

Both boys are one a few different things that showed up in their readings...and in about 5 weeks we should know if they've worked or not.

If anyone understands homeopathy well, I am totally open to more information as I am basically clueless. I do know that bringing it up gets some awkward feedback though...(ahem, Jason) Of course I really could be off my rocker with this, but I'm not one to rule out certain things just because I don't have to have some expensive test run to diagnose something. I'm hoping it works though, that's be awesome not only for the boys, but that "I told you so..." I'll love that part.
Elliot got a free ticket to a Timber Rattlers game for his reading incentive program at school. It ended up being a double header because of a cancelled game a few weeks ago. Just as the first game was getting done and about a 1/2 hour before we had to leave anyway for Brookelyn's t-ball game, the dude behind up spilled his cappuccino into our row...all over Jason's feet. Of course our kids were stomping around in it and the guy yelled at his kid and made it his fault for making his coat fall on the ground so when he bent over to pick it up he spilled his drink "that cost me 5 bucks!!" all over. He told us not to worry about it, he wasn't...

Really, that makes total sense because it's not all over your feet...I can totally see that. Okay, no worries.

Brookelyn has so much fun playing t-ball. When we signed her up, we originally were told that her games would be on Thursday evenings. They ended up being on Sundays at 5, so we are sad to miss gospel meetings and have learned for next year to double check before paying the money and getting her hopes up.

One last thing: Do fox's eat kids? I'm just curious because we saw a fox in our yard again last night and heard yipping all.night.long. from pups that must be pretty much in our back yard.
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