poop skidder*

Archer always poops first thing in the morning and it always goes up his back. This morning, he was awake talking to himself, but the alarm still had 7 minutes before it went off so I tried to ignore him as long as possible. I finally gave in when he started yelling at me. (he does this often...very vocal and aggressive these days, I think teeth)Anyway, I sat up and noticed little poop skids all over my bed from him arching has back and rolling side to side. It looked like an ice skating rink in the cartoons...and by the time I changed him, there were no traces of poop on his back...he did an excellent job of wiping it off all over my pretty green sheets.

*Reminds me of a story I heard once about a friend of my dad's who was dog sitting. The dog crapped while he was gone and must've had a turd stuck or something and when he got home there were skid marks all over the floor which he then had to clean up...my dad coined the term "poop skidder" based on that story.
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