maximum security

I met a friend at the mall today for Chinese take-out and a chat while the kids played in the play area...we'll call her Heather.* As we were both sitting there nursing our babies, we noticed that they were closing the play area for cleaning. They did barricade the exit with multiple signs, but never asked us to leave so we decided to let the babies finish and then go. Archer finished and as I walked out to throw away our trash, a security guard walked in right towards Heather, who was still nursing her baby. He said something, which I found out seconds later was "umm, we have to clean this now...so could you leave?" We (I) laughed hysterically because the guy came up with a macho swagger and surely he had to know what was going on under the blanket. I found it very funny that the 3 people setting up the signs to begin cleaning felt the need to call the security guard (who came in from the parking lot) to ask the breastfeeding mom's to leave the play area. Someone (Marsha) suggested that maybe they thought we'd go all Le Leche' League on them or something...either way it was hysterical.

* I've decided to call her Heather here because that is in fact, her name.
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