what I hate about summer.

Woodticks. And pulling them off my baby. I don't care if he wasn't attached, I still hate him and I hated having to touch him. And I especially don't want them on my loved ones. Especially if theres no one here to rescue them but me. I faced a fear and then I cried. And now my skin is crawling.


  • Trae has started asking why constantly. It's really cute because he's rather cocky about it...I'll ask him to do something and he'll say "what mom...?" and then when I repeat myself he'll smile and say "why, mom....?"
  • Brookelyn keeps correcting me when I call the boys by the wrong names. This morning I was feeding Archer and accidentally called him Trae. She corrected me alright...she was all "Mom! That's not Trae, it's Archer....what did you forget his name...?"
  • Tomorrow I'm planning on going to some upscale garage sales in search of clothes for the kids. I decided even if we could afford new clothes I'd much rather get a deal anyway and they out grow things so fast so it makes perfect sense. Hopefully I can get things throughout the summer and they'll be set until next summer. I also have to think about having my own sale...
  • We've got t-ball this weekend, which is more consuming than it seemed at first. Both the kids have games on Sunday and I can't wait to see them play!
  • I spent the entire day editing these photos yesterday and then a few more hours uploading them, so check them out! The one of the kids on the tracks is my very favorite of the day...
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