Kids are funny~

Yesterday, Elliot came up with an envelope that said "by Elliot...to Gavin" complete with a 1 cent postage stamp. He said "okay mom, it's all ready to go!" I explained that he had to have an address on the envelope because the mail man wouldn't know where Gavin lives. I also asked him not to use my stamps because they cost money...(can you believe we still have 39 cent stamps around here? Hence the 1 cent stamps)

My parents came over a couple hours later and Elliot came again with the envelope and said "okay mom, I got a address now..." He had gotten my parents address and wrote it on the envelope:) I explained that he had to have Gavin's address because if it's my parents address on the envelope, it will go to my parents house.

Brookelyn told me yesterday, all conspiratorially, that Elliot's friend Corwin, wants it to be a naked world. As in "none of us wears clothes...."
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