Yesterday afternoon, it was so nice out so I decided to put the kids in the stroller and rollerblade up the road. Brookleyn rode along on her bike. Theres a great big treat that serves as the marker for where we can turn around if we're to tired, but we always make it at least to that point.

On the way back as I'm cursing the load of 60+ pounds and just wishing the traffic would stop because our road isn't busy until I'm trying to keep up my momentum with the stroller...then they all come and I have to slow down and wait for them to pass and hope Brookelyn doesn't veer off under a passing vehicle because she always says she not and just as the car gets close starts looking one direction and heading in another. So the 4th or 5th (but who's counting) car passes and we get going once again and I'm sweaty and tired and we are almost home when Brookelyn turns to me and says all nonchalantly:

"Momma, did you see the body in the ditch?"

and it's been a paranoia of mine as long as I can remember that I'll be walking along and find a body so I just glance in the ditches, but I don't search, so I'm like:


"there was a body in the ditch back there, didn't you see it...?

chills and then "Brookelyn...what are you talking about...why are you saying theres a body back there?"

The entire conversation is freaking me out because we have people in our family that do this stuff...I had an intuition once when I was babysitting our neighbor boys while their mom was having their sister that the baby wouldn't make it...just a slip through my mind...and it wasn't really a surprise when their dad came home and told me there was a tragedy and she didn't make it...so I was just thinking of her discovering some dead missing person and being freaked out the rest of her life like I am.

Brookleyn looks at me again and says "somebody must have ranned over a deer cuz, dares a dead body back dare...did you see it mom...did ya?"

Relief as I got the now careening here and there stroller in check and then "no baby, I didn't see it and we're not going back...mommy's tired"
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