the view from here...

we're back to breathing treatments again. this poor boy...i can tell he is just so exhausted.

how peaceful he was for 4 hours today...he's tired of being sick as well.

How convenient to have a puke story this morning...

This morning I was nursing Archer, but Trae wanted to sit in my lap as well, so there we sat all huddled in the rocking chair. Archer finished eating and sat up to see what was going on. He's been sick the last few days and ended up throwing up the entirety of what he just ate all over Trae and I, but he and Trae were facing each other directly, so he threw up all down the front of Trae's shirt and bare legs. So if you can picture them sitting facing each other talking and cooing to one another and then Archer suddenly puking a lot of milk all down Trae's front...and Trae backs up and then looking down the front of his shirt and says "(sigh) Me...?" and starts wiping at the puke with his bare hand as you would if you got say, water, or something a little less gross down the front of your body.
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