Last night as we were getting ready for bed, Brookelyn, who had been in bed for over an hour, came into our bedroom....

Me: Brookelyn, what do you need...?

Jason: Go get in bed...

So, she turns around and goes back the way she came.

Me: What if she needed something...?

Jason: Sigh...

Off he goes to see if she needs anything....and comes back 30 seconds later.

Me: What did she need...?

Jason: I don't know, she wouldn't answer me.

Me: Well what was she doing...?

Jason: Just sitting there staring off into space.

Me: Well was she asleep...?

Jason: No, her eyes were open.

Me: Yeah, but she's walked in her sleep before...

Jason: Yeah, I know that.

Me: Never mind.

I asked her this morning if she remembered coming into our room tonight and she had no clue she'd been in there.
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