All that to say...we are still sick. I included pictures for those of you who detest long windy posts :0)

Trae is just exhausted from all the sickness. He came out of the shower, made it almost all the way on the chair, and sacked out. I thought blurring the photo a little would save me the lecture on embarrassment....

Archer and I this morning. Poor baby woke up from a coughing spurt that wouldn't stop. He has diarrhea from the antibiotic and every time he'd cough, more would come out. We went through 2 diapers. Then he got to coughing so hard he threw up all over me, but he still managed to sit pretty for this picture. I was awake, but my eyes closed from the brightness of the flash. He is trying so hard to be content to play, but he just needs his momma a lot right now.

He's been so exhausted that he falls asleep almost every time we get him in the shower, which we've been trying to do because it helps with the cough and wheezing. He loves the warm water down his back and relaxes. Usually he lets the water runs through his fingers or over the bottom of his feet, and then pulls them back when it starts to tickle to much.

The breathing treatment seemed to help a little with his wheezing, but it makes him so jittery and on edge that I am trying not to use it. Of course I will if he really needs it, but the doctor said if it doesn't seem to help much, we could discontinue it. I did a treatment yesterday a.m. and until about noon he couldn't sleep. I put him in his papasan chair by the kids when they were taking a shower and he looked like a lady bug on it's back...his little arms and legs were just going like crazy and he sat whimpering. I think if I'd have put him down he'd have zoomed across the floor he was so wound up. His little hands were shaking and you could tell he was miserable. I know how he feels...the times I've taken the same medication I feel like I could crawl out of my own skin.

I realized this morning that I hadn't even showered yesterday, a rarity for sure because I am very serious about my personal hygiene and would take a shower and a bath on any given day. I hopped in the shower without mentioning it to the kids because I wanted 5 minutes of peace, ya know...? Brookelyn was in in 30 seconds flat needing something or another and I asked her not to say anything to Trae because I knew I have him in the shower with me. She locked the door on her way out and he realized he couldn't get in and screamed outside the door the entire time. My leg hair is so long you could probably brush your teeth on it* but there wasn't time to shave them as I could now hear both boys screaming.

I'm dressed in actual clothes, folks! I put my sassy pants on in hopes of being able to accomplish something today. I had a huge lapse in judgement one day back before this awful sickness started and pulled everything off the shelves in my closet because I couldn't find anything to wear. I haven't gotten it sorted through because this wretched illness has kept me either with my sick babies in hand, or so utterly exhausted that I put in off another day. I have been keeping up with blogs though, as I am basically sitting in the chair rocking and bouncing and nursing...oh, and watching my babies sleep in my lap.

* I had a thought here...way back when I was in middle school there was this guy, Kurt, who always teased me and told me I was beautiful and asked me to go out with him. He was 3 years older and I assumed he wasn't serious until one day when I was asleep in the seat, I heard my sister yell "you better not...!" and I awoke to him saying he was going to kiss me. Anyway, one day he felt my legs and then said for everyone to hear "Whoa...I could brush my teeth on these things." I was mortifying and horrible and I've been an avid shaver ever since. My thought is that him saying this is maybe the root of why I hate body hair so much and try to stay fuzz free. By the way, my eyebrows are hideous because I haven't had the time to wax them, but I'm strangely at peace with that for the time being. It's not like I'm going anywhere, right?
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