Lisa Rinna does her squatting in line at Starbucks.

Someone was telling me yesterday, that Lisa Rinna does squats while she stands in line at Starbucks since the line is so long. She doesn't care what people think of her...

Okay, so lets just talk about squats for a second. I think most would agree that the squatting motion isn't a great look on anyone, even Lisa Rinna. Once I tried to disguise my squats as "just bouncing the baby" and my 5 year old daughter caught on right away and was all "Mom, what are you doing....?" No doubt, squats are beneficial to your bum and legs....but not to the poor souls who are subjected to watching you squat. Especially in line for their a.m. latte before they're in the mood to laugh.

Let's just hope that she always keeps a fabric barrier between her and the floor so she's not slurping up debris on her way back up.
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