I think I'm going to marry my massage therapist...scratch that, we're both married.

I went for a massage last night on a whim. Archer is really sick, he has a respiratory infection and has been having a hard time breathing....so of course he's been fussy and I've been worrying a lot over here. The other kids have colds, which makes them extra whiny. Yesterday, Trae and Archer were both miserable and both wanted mommy and I was just ready to scream. Soooo, I called Jason and told him I was busting out as soon as he came home because I was getting very crabby with my kids. Ironically, my massage therapist had an opening 2 hours later and I got in. She is awesome, and she always goes over the 60 minutes...I think I ended up with 75. Then I paid her and forgot to give her a tip. So I called back and left a voicemail saying I would send it because she really deserved it, I just totally spaced, an on and on I rambled. She probably thinks I'm insane.

I got to get groceries afterwards, and I chose Walmart because I'm a sucker for a deal, and also I think it's awesome that if you need a job, but you can't do things efficiently, like Ivette for instance, they'll hire you anyway. This lady, like I am always in a hurry, so it gets to me if my cashier decides she needs to look at and comment on everything I'm buying. I wanted to shake the woman and tell her to stop keeping track of my "red items, wow, I can tell you really like red" and just scan the crap and put it in the cart. My other advice to her would be that the Malt-o-Meal doesn't need it's own special bag, nor does the Juicy Juice. Lets save some rain forests and not use 75 bags for $125 worth of stuff. Moving on...

I decided after I unloaded all my groceries into my van, that I was going to be lazy, despite that I couldn't use my usual excuse that I have kids in the car and someone could take them, and just pushed my cart up in front of my vehicle. A guy pulled in to the space in front of me, and smiled as he got out of his really nice SUV. He walks to my cart, looks at me and smiles, and then takes the cart to the cart corral. This guy is younger, like 21. To me it doesn't make sense if you are going into the store, to back track to the cart corral to put away a strangers cart and then go into the store, but back track he did. Of course I took my time backing out to see what he was doing, and apparently he was trying to teach me a lesson on putting my cart away like it says right on it, and the cart corral. Alrighty then, but I could teach him a little sumpn sumpn about belts and pants that fit.
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