Brookelyn and Trae were going to take a bath, except there was a dead spider in our tub. Trae hopped out and ran to me yelling "No bughh, no Bughh" but Brookelyn is brave and she picked it out with her bare hands. They both get settled in all nicely again, and before I know it, he's climbing out again, and screaming. He has a cap gun that he is nervously poking into his butt cheek as he points and tells me theres a bug. (side note: I am sitting at the computer and the door is wide open so I can see and hear them both) I go in and find a random hair strand and he's freaking out and screaming and carrying on about the "bug." He gets so worked up when I pull it out of the bath water, that he smacks his little man parts with the cap gun. He decides he's to scared to take a bath now, and limps out begging me to put a diaper on him.

So now, the child that used to bathe 4 times a day is afraid of the tub. Lovely.
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