funniest thing.

Brookelyn was sitting on my sister, Erica's, lap tonight, facing her...and says:

"betcha I can make you blink..." and Erica says "yeah, how's that?"

and Brookelyn hauled back and punched her square in the nose!

Apparently she was shocked and said she didn't mean to. She was on the verge of tears, and Erica was crying from the pain, but laughing too.

So then they tell me the other day Brookelyn was sitting on the fireplace mantle next to Erica, who was telling a story. Nikki says she was sitting there looking at Erica, then all of a sudden reaches out and cranks on Erica's nose. She wasn't gentle about it either, but they say you could tell she was thinking, "man that looks like a great nose to crank" and just impulsively cranked it, twice.
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