Morning Conversation

Trae sits up in bed, rubs his eyes...then scrambles to the edge and hops off. He runs out into the main area of the house.

Trae: Momma...? Daddy go...?

Me: Daddy's working.

Trae: No, Momma....noooo.

Trae: Eh-yit go?

Me: Elliot went to school.

Trae: Noooo, Mom.

Trae: Brooking go?

Me: Brookelyn's at Grandma's.

Trae: No. Mom. Brooking, no gamma's HOUSE!!

Then he notices his baby brother smiling from under the covers...

Trae: Aww, Ah-cha....HI, bebe...hi...

So it goes every morning, except most times Brookelyn's home and she gets him his sippy cup of milk when she's here. Same thing every day....and I love it.
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