Elliot had his conferences tonight. It seems if he's picked up anything from his momma, it's being very results oriented. His teacher says he does great at math if he takes his time, but misses complete columns because he wants to get done before everyone else and loves to finish...which sounds just like me.

She asked me about a sleepover that he and a boy in his class have been planning. Rumor has it that Wyatt was coming here and spending the night. I told his teacher that I'd have to get ahold of Wyatt's mom, because we'd love to have a friend over. As I was leaving, I ran into....Wyatt's mom in the hallway! Elliot's teacher introduced us, and then I said we should exchange numbers so we could get the boys together. She said "Not this weekend, because he's going to his dads, but next weekend works....that'd actually work really good because I work 2-10 and then I wouldn't have to worry about a sitter."

Raise any red flags for anyone else? I told her that would be fine, and then asked pertinent questions like "where do you live...?" (the nice side of the trailer park behind McDonald's) and then I told her where we lived because she wasn't interested in getting my information. I just think that you'd want to know where you were sending your child and what environment they'd be in, but she just kept saying it would work out really good so she'd have a sitter, and telling me about how tough her job at Kwik Trip is. Then she added "but not Saturday night Wyatt, because you have a birthday party. First of all I didn't invite him for next week in the first place, but it does work...but to say a second night doesn't work for her? I just hope I'm not going to become the drop-in daycare.

On the bright side, it will be Elliot's very first sleepover!
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