All Homey and Motherly, like Betty Crocker

So, I went out and bought this cute apron. I figure I may as well accessorize my sweatpants. Two of my friends (well a sister and a cousin) really couldn't understand it....but how domesticated do I look as I bake my sister a birthday cake?
...and bake my husband bread for his lunch. I'm the new "bread machine" if you know what I mean.

and this is just really super cute, and no he was not helping with the bread or the cake!
I just have to document that I did indeed use my blender..here is an excerpt from my last cake baking foray:

We had Brookelyn's birthday dinner at Mom and Dad's last night. I made the cake all by myself!! Everyone complimented me on it, and Elliot was on to his second piece before everyone was served. It was a princess cake. It was gaudy. It was pretty. She loved it. My mom made a comment about chewing something that seemed like an egg that wasn't completely mixed in. I was sitting next to Misty, who shortly after that, held something up, and asked "what IS this?...I think I have, like an entire egg yolk!" I laughed so hard, I very well could have dropped the baby at the dinner table. It was flat out snorting. For about 5 minutes. My Dad was really disgusted, and asked how I managed to cook a whole egg yolk into the cake, and my Mom told my secret...."She doesn't use a blender, just stirs everything in..." "Well, we need to get her one, does she have one?" "Dad, I already have one, and I was tired okay." Another round of snorting and my Dad "that's gross. I'm not eating cake that you make anymore unless you use a blender." (me gasping for air and writhing) It was hilarious, still is except I'm waking my family so I have to stop laughing so loud.

But that was the old me...the new me wears fancy aprons and uses fancy appliances when she bakes. So too bad, Dad, that your gallivanting all over Belize and Mexico and New Orleans, because this is one mean cake.

p.s. Just so you don't get the wrong impression, the reason I'm wearing clothes as opposed to sweats under my apron, is because I actually was forced to get dressed today...I had company come.

Tomorrow I am hosting my first play date ever...the kids (brookelyn) are so super stoked, and Elliot is bummed that he has to go to stupid school.

The Oasis

This is probably my favorite thing about the whole house, this sink. I also loved the mirror until I realized that in order to clean it properly, you have to take it all apart.

Everyone (read: every mom) needs a place where they can go to relax. This has become my "thing" because I can really only get like 15 minutes to myself before little people start wondering why I'm so quiet and come looking for me. Then they stand at the door and scream "momma...peas!!...baaaaffff....mommma" until I cave. And then the really little guy is just so darned cute about his baths that once I have one in, I invite him to. He loves it...he gets all excited and about wiggles out of his seat with glee.

So where do you go to relax?
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