Happy 17th Birthday Erica!

Happy Birthday sweet baby sister. Don't even say you look dumb in this picture because me and all the blogosphere will just disagree anyway. You were like my very first baby, so thanks for all the practice :0) As soon as it gets warm, we'll be taking your senior pictures....what happened to the little blond haired blue eyed baby who ran around the house yanking her own ponytail? Well, she became a gorgeous young girl who makes amazing art and can do the "Napolean Dance" better than Napolean himself. Someday when you are huge in the glass blowing world, I'll be able to brag about that, and have your work lovingly displayed all around my house. If I could, I'd like to request a nice chandelier...something fancy.

I might just mention here, as I know there will be inquiries...she is available, but there is a rigorous screening process. Me, along with her other 2 older sisters hold auditions, and if you pass, we'll think about letting you date her. Please be advised, she is our baby sister....you break her heart, we'll break your face. Have a great day.

Happy Birthday!!

I Hate luv's. GRRRR...

I bought Luv's when we were in GA, because they were, well, cheaper. I got the big box because I'm a sucker for a bargain, so we are just finishing up the box for both boys. I debated because in the past when I've tried them, the kids always got a rash...but Marsha hasn't had a problem, so I decided to try them again. Well, they've both had rashes since. Nothing really bad, just chafed a little. I think it's the perfume....
I think I can count on 2 hands the number of times they DIDN'T leak when Archer had a messy diaper, and most mornings the boys are wet because the diapers aren't very absorbent. Am I in the minority here of Mom's who don't wake their sleeping children to change their diaper? I went out and bought 2 big boxes of Huggies last night...we are down to 6 Luv's for Trae and 13 for Archer and then it's back to what we know.
I also thought I'd share the conclusion I've come to that this extended winter is making us all snarky, myself included. I have had so many borderline rude things said and done lately and I've managed to keep it off my blog because who really wants to listen to whining and complaining. So, instead of taking it personal, from here on out I'll respond by saying "you're not a rude person, it's just the weather..." and then instead of letting it poison my day I'm just going to let it go.
Last night we got out for a walk and it definitely put a jog in my step. I'm so happy to have Jason home...I finally had something to warm my butt up on in bed. (incidentally, I asked him what he thought I missed the most about him being gone and he said "someone to put your cold feet on) In all seriousness, I missed him making me laugh and someone to talk to and seeing him with the kids, because these kids, really love their Dad. Trae asked about daddy everyday and when I told him daddy was at work, he's drop his head and squint his eyes and say "Noooo, mom..." Anyway, back to business as usual today. I get to watch Anya tonight, so I'll snap a few pictures, and then off to play a game that I have no clue how to play...but Nikki and Tony are watching the rugrats and I could use the break.
Have a beautiful day, everyone!
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