Dear Blog:

We have to talk.

I realize you don't like serious, but we have to have a discussion about this relationship. It's just, I need some space.

blog throws the "clicker" against the wall and shrieks. "It's Facebook...he's ruined our relationship. Just because he's the new and exiting thing and you're addicted to chit chat..."

Oh yeah, I should have known you'd bring Facebook up, but he has nothing to do with this....and it's just chat, not "chit chat." I have 152 things needing a piece of the pie, and he is a friend. I have obligations to my friends. And my kids and husband and house.

We'll still talk and reminisce. It'll be just like old times...laughing about some random thing the kids said or did, you crying on my shoulder when we don't get comments or lose followers. I'll still be right here. It's just, well....I'd like to see other people. Put my head on straight, work out some things.

I'm not saying it's over, I'm just saying we need to cool it.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

Love ya Cutie.....ME xoxox
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