The Replacements

refusing to smile for me. beep meyas and amma. (tape measure & hammer)

I need some sunshine.

I think the eternity of winter is getting to me. If you haven't already noticed, I'm going through a funk and can't even write a cohesive blog post.

My sister said I should buy tanning minutes, but then I worry I'll die of skin cancer some day and my kids will blame my vanity, and plead with my post mortem body to come back...they still loved me when I was pale.

I'm tired of this crap economy and constantly hearing America is headed for ruin, because I for one don't want to be included in that. It just sounds bad...America in ruin.

Trae has been off his nuk for 36 hours and counting...

.....and I've been wondering if anyone else feels like blogging is another popularity contest?
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