This morning Jason took the kids pheasant hunting with my dad. Brookelyn didn't have long johns, so Elliiot borrowed her a pair of his. Jason asked Elliot what he'd do if her butt smell got on them if a fart squeaked out, and then took it a notch further and said she forgot to put underwear on. Elliot quickly replied "she can just have those...!"

Brookelyn is hilarious. She is at that stage where whatever she'd thinking is written all over her face. Last might we stopped for ice cream with my parents for my dad's birthday. Two girls walked by dressed in pom pom attire, but they both had big bows on the top of there head. Brookleyn looked at them and you could tell she was thinking "nice bow..." and then laughed until tears were streaming down her face.

Then this morning when Jason was walking around in flannel pj pants tucked into thick hunting socks and crocs, you could see her cringe. Then he changed into under armour and put flannel sweats over the top and hiked them up really high...sorta like my dad used to do...and my sister. She'd pull her sweats up and chase me around the house and it freaked me right out, but thats a story for another day...anyway, it was weird to remember being her age and thinking my dad was such a nerd and now I see her thinking the same about her dad. I tend to agree, I HATE the flannel sweats.
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