Our family in caricatures...and backwards because i'm an idiot.

The completion of our family...the adorable Archer Cole!
(see what I mean about this picture looking like the cereal picture from yesterday...?)
The long awaited Trae-man.
Elliot and Brookelyn together during the lull.
Brookelyn was around 4 months here...she had a ton of hair.
Elliot, who wasn't even on a bottle...
We had this drawn @ Great America. We flew into Chicago when we returned from our honeymoon in Mexico, and decided to swing by since we were in the area. It poured, all the rides were shut down and they offered no refunds. All we had from the day was 3 rides in, this ugly caricature, and $60 per ticket down the drain. It pretty much solidified my insecurity about my fat cheeks.
**anyone else notice the resemblance between Elliot and Archers lips...?

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