It is raining here...and I love rain, so all is good. Except that I've been running a fever and weak all day. The flu went around, I got the achy headache/fever/chills bit, while everyone else got the throwing up nastiness. Tomorrow we have plans to watch the girls and we are excited and they are super adorable. I don't know what we'll do when we say goodbye, I am counting on tears. We have plans to travel to a beach in Florida, Myrtle Beach, I think, on Friday. We will stay in a motel and travel back Saturday afternoon sometime. We are looking forward to that, and we have a few other things (mall/park/game farm) planned in the meantime if everyone stays healthy. We have met so many really fun people but we are missing family a lot, and being in our own space where we don't have to try to keep the kids from tearing the joint down!

Today is Nate's birthday...Happy 28th Birthday Nate!!

Mom...we miss everyone. Can we try to get everyone together @ your house Monday night for supper? Love you lots. xoxoxo
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