Our princess got glasses.

Her brown frames
Her Daddy loves the nose scrunch, which she does to push her glasses up...no puppy dog eyes for this girl, she'll just do the nose scrunch.

Where to begin with this one....well, I suppose I could start off by saying that yesterday, I had the privilege of taking my 3 youngest kids (ages 5, 2, & 4 months) to the eye doctor by myself. At Brookelyn's 5 year check-up, she failed her vision screen (20/40 for anyone who knows numbers) and her pediatrician recommended an eye exam. She failed last year also, but when I took her in, all was fine.

I called at 9 when they opened and they had an appointment @ 11:30, so I bathed and dressed everyone, and off we went. We got to the eye doctor and into the office all swell, but Trae started sobbing "go buh-bye, mama pease!" pretty much immediately. I told him they had to look at Brookelyn's eyes, and he calmed down a little. They called her name and took us back. Brookelyn was to short to reach the eye machines, so she had to sit on my lap. This worked out fine, until Archer started to fuss. I was trying to put his nuk in, all the while holding her still so she could do the exam. Trae decided he needed to be up on my lap, and when I saw his eyes brimming with tears, up he came. Imagine me with 2 kids on my lap, trying to sit still no less, while trying to shush a hungry baby.

Brookelyn did awesome with her letters, and the nurse thought it was cute because if she said B instead of D, she'd correct herself.

"B, no...D!"

We made it through that part, and Archer fell back to sleep. For the next part, they took us into a room where Brookelyn had to sit in a big chair. As soon as they pulled the big goggle thingy's in front of her face, Trae jumped on my lap and started the hair fingering thing.

She was so hilarious, because they showed her pictures, and then she had to say what she thought they were. They showed her a cake with 3 candles, and she said "boat." It was reasonable, it did look like a boat. Then they showed her a duck, and she paused and then said "Ummm, dinosaur...?" It did look like a dinosaur, and she was consistent with it until he made it smaller. She paused and looked and then finally said "treehouse!" The doctor and I were cracking up because we couldn't figure how she came up with that. She was consistent with it though, and that was the key. Just for kicks, he made it really big at the end and said "what's that...?" "A duck...."

When he was all done, he explained that she needed a small prescription in her right eye, and he wouldn't worry about it if her left eye was the same. Her left eye needed a much stronger prescription though, and if we left it, eventually her left eye would go lazy because her brain would send the info form her left eye to her right eye. It wasn't really an option for me, I wasn't going to leave it and create another problem. Oh, and she also inherited an astigmatism from, ahem, me. He said she'll likely outgrow it within a few years, (the glasses, not the astigmatism) and said she'd need them especially for watching TV, playing her video games, and when she's on "her" computer. She has none of these things, but he did add that it'd help her for reading also.

By the time we were done with that part, Archer was insisting on being fed. We went to another area to pick out the glasses, which was on the other side of the office and the place was packed by this time. I was sweaty, and I was trying to haul the car seat, my purse, the diaper bag, and hold Trae's hand so he didn't leave again. (he decided to venture back by the exam rooms while I was talking to the dim-witted receptionist who apparently thinks it's more important to get my bill paid stat than to keep track of my kid. I freaked out because he was right by me feet, and then he wasn't. I looked around and like, I realize that he's my kid and I shouldn't have let him escape, but there was 3 people sitting in this area that couldn't have missed him leaving who waited until I started to get hysterical to tell me he went around the corner. He was about 3 feet away, peeking around the corner down the hall, but there was an old guy blocking my view of him. We finally got the bill paid for the exam part and they ushered us over to the other side to pick out glasses.) We finally got someone to help us. We found the children's glasses, which would have been easy to miss because they had roughly 3 1/2 pairs to choose from. Archer was crying and I was trying to bounce the seat and Trae kept wandering off. The whole time this lady is giving me the pitch about the $79 frames she suggested I buy for my 5 year old. Brookelyn wanted red glasses, but the pair she picked were cat eye-esque, so I said no. We settled on a brown pair that resembled her mommy's and I decided that regardless if I was in an eyeglass place with a bunch of people all around, I was going to breastfeed my child because otherwise he was going to spontaneously combust. Theres this guy, John, who works there who I can't stand and he always seems crabby and to be honest he makes me want to punch him in the face when I see him...well I swear he was giving me dirty looks when I whipped out the boob. I was really discreet and quickly fed him enough to get by until we got out of there. The sales lady worked up a price for the 1st pair...frames, polycarbonate lenses, warranty,....$139. BUT WAIT!!!..if you add another pair, you get 2 frames with polycarbonate lenses and the warranty on both for $179! How could I resist? (I don't even pay this much for my glasses...) So we started the picking out frames thing again. About 5 minutes into it, the lady says they have the frames we picked in cherry, as she knew Brookelyn really wanted red glasses, and I immediately said we'd take them.

The most annoying thing about the place is that you sign in for the exam in one spot, do the exam there, and pay. Then you go to another spot (same building, right side versus left) and pick out the glasses and pay for them there. On the glasses side, there is a line for everything. Who really wants to get in line to be helped, and then stand in line once you've been helped to pay. It's annoying because you have to keep waiting, which isn't my strong point when I don't have 3 kids who are hungry and tired and don't particularly care about my agenda.

*****I have to pause here to get Brookleyn her vitamin and her teeth medicine (flouride)because once she's up she knows she can get another one and does not stop hounding me until she gets it*****

We finally get out of there, with a promise of finished glasses ready to go in an hour and a half. I had to get some things at Walmart and Brookelyn had a disposable camera to develop so as unappealing as it sounded to sit in Walmart for a hour and wait for the camera, that was our plan. We dropped the camera off, and surprisingly it wasn't at all busy and when I asked him if we'd be able to get them in an hour, he said "or even less!" We went to pick out the Noisiest Toy Possible for my neices because their dad bought us a really noisy annoying truck once that sings "ta da dump, ta do dump, ta da dumpdumpdump, ta duh dump, ta da dump, ta da dumpdumpdump, ta da dump, ta da dump, ta da dumpdumpdump, ta da duuuummmp, ta da dumpdumpdump!!" and then "I loooovvvee the smell of traaaassshh!" as many times as my kids press the buttons....ahem, anyway, we go down the aisle with all the musical instruments and there an older lady blocking the aisle with her cart and her butt. She didn't move at all, so I looked as best I could and then walked around to get to the other side of the aisle. Yes, I could have said excuse me, but I wasn't in a good mood and would have had a rude tone. I moved on to the next aisle, and had Archer out and was trying to shush him and make Trae sit and find the stupid toy. She pushes her cart up along side mine, which was, mind you, on the same side of the aisle that I was on, and then does a huff and turns around and storms off. Nice. totally not my problem that you can't fit past my cart....I find the perfect toy and head towards the photo lab. The lady is standing by the kiosk of movies and as I approach her, she pulls out into the aisle ahead of me and walks really slow. Of course I can't get around her, but I am super annoyed, so I tailgate. She must have thought I was going to run her over because she pulled over, and I careened around her really fast for effect. She did her breathy sigh again, and I just rolled my eyes. (I could not make this stuff up, people) We got to the lab and sat on the bench in front of the counter....I figured I'd put the pressure on so he'd hurry up. I breastfed in public again, at the Walmart where a fellow photographer guy that I shoot with works. Luckily I didn't run into him because I did that once when I first had Archer. He came up and congratulated me, and I said I'd show him the baby (who was in the sling and covered with blankets, breastfeeding) but he's eating. Poor guy said "uuummm, okay.....awkward..." and then ended our conversation because he was so flustered, so I didn't want to put him through that again. Finally, we got our pictures (which turned out like junk) and headed out. I got everyone buckled in and we pulled into the eyeglass place 20 minutes early. I called to see if the glasses were done, to avoid hauling everyone in and trying to keep them in one place if they weren't done and they told me it'd be about 40 minutes yet, so "take your time!;0)

I went to Gordman's to look for a swimming suit, and realized that I hate swimsuit shopping as much as I hate going to the dentist. It's worse when you have to take the kids in the dressing room and try to keep them from falling out of the cart while you strip. Oh, and I could definitely do without the "Why you don't like it mom?" conversation to. We left with a few books and yet another obnoxious toy for the nieces, because if I'm doing it, I'm doing it good.

We got back to the eye doctor and I haul in the troops, 2 of who had been sleeping. John stood at the counter and looked at me but didn't help me. I waited very patiently like a lady, rolling my eyes and bouncing the car seat. He picks up a chart with names scrawled on it, looks at me, and then says "John...?" Up walks an old guy, who John helps by straightening his glasses. I notice the chart has a sign above it that says "Sign In" but it should say "Sign In If You Expect Help Today Because You Have To Be Signed In To Receive Help Around Here." The other customer service helper gets off the phone and picks up the sign in sheet and says "Josh." I tell her I think that's him, and point to the old guy who John called John. I thought he read it wrong, because he crossed off a name, and I assumed it to be the person he helped before "John" or Josh. Up walks Josh, and she looks over her glasses at me and drawls "Ahm, sarry, maam' it's jist, were real busy taday..." which adds to the annoyingness of my day.

Finally our moment arrives and John calls our name. Of course I feel like smashing him, but I'd have wanted to smash her more at this point. He helps Brookelyn out with her glasses and then lets her pick out cases for them. Trae is grabbing at them and saying "toy" and I tell him they're not toys, and put back the one he grabs. And then John redeems himself by saying "here's a toy" as he hands it back to him with a 100 watt smile.

It kinda made my day, but Archer kept spitting his nuk out and it always fell down by his butt where I couldn't get to it, so the ride home was miserable. Brookelyn kept asking what I thought Elliot would think, which was really cute that she cared mostly about what her brother would think (or she thought she would rub it in that she had something he didn't) We took a picture and texted it to all of our friends and family, in case you thought I was a horrible mom when I had a bad day...see, it proves I'm cool.

We all made it home in one piece anyway, and as exhausting as it was, once it's over you kinda forget it, until you realize it'd make a great blog post, then you laugh about it as you write it.


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