Mommy like...

(we were going for smoking gun...I'm thinking we missed our target, but I tend not to care when I'm so stoked!)
I'll put my phone on vibrate tomorrow in case you need me...I'll be vacuuming! Oh, and spare me the "so, you traded your old car in for a more efficient model, eh...?" On second thought, I don't care, because I've got central vac. Whoohoo!


This morning, Trae was a great sharer. Except that what he was sharing was Chex Mix with Archer, who has no teeth. Brookelyn alerted me right away on the verge of hysterics, and we fished it out right away. Archer drooled and licked his lips, all the while making some pretty interesting faces. I pooched Trae on the butt and firmly told him he can't feed the baby food, he's too little. He broke into sobs and hugged me for around 10 minutes. Poor guy, we insist on sharing, and then when he does, we punish him for it. We washed down the spice with some milk and Archer seems no worse for the wear. He didn't choke or anything, just left in hanging half in/half out of his mouth and drooling like crazy.

Does anyone else spell thoughts out in their head? For example, "I'm tired." I.'m. t.i.r.e.d. I do this all the time and it's starting to make drive me mad.
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