I woke up this morning and hopped out of bed because I thought I overslept and didn't want Elliot to miss the bus. I came out to the kitchen, and he's sitting at my computer, which is frozen. Of course it "did it all by itself..." He knows he's not to touch my computer. By this time Brookelyn is up, and Archer was in his saucer. Elliot informs me he doesn't have school today. Yippee, I got everyone up for no reason. I suggest we all go back to bed, but of course we didn't.

I have some weird things going on, one of which makes my head spin. As I walk around, I get dizzy spells, but when I lay on my bed, everything spins one way, and then spins back the other. It's improved from last night and someone suggested anemia. Anyone else have ideas of what it could be?

Today is bedroom cleaning day. Oh boy does that bring on the fit.

"'MMMMooooom, IIIiiii don't wannaaaaa Cweeen MMMMyyy Rooom."

"you don't have a choice."

"Iiiiii Miiiiiisssssssssss Graaaaaammmmaaaa...aa...a..a."

"Get your room cleaned."

And then someone rocked on her toe. And then she wanted to take a nap. And then she needed a shower. And then she needed food.

I have no sympathy, I just want clean bedrooms.

I have a maternity shoot tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that.


I love this shot. My favorite, hands down.Our best hippy impression.
Erica snapped this as I was getting ready for her to take a picture. She loved it, so this ones for her.

Me, Mom, & Erica.
You want what I got....?
MMmmm. He looked so hot.
This one Jason took.
Knock 3 times one the ceiling if you want me. Twice on the pipe...bingbing...if the answer is nooo.
(I'll have that on my head all day too, you're not alone!)
My little guy pretty much refused the bottle the whole time I was gone. Auntie Nikki tuckered him out.
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