Teething Tablets...

Okay, so I used teething tablets with all 3 of the older kids, but then I heard the belladonna in them isn't safe and can cause death in infants. The reviews online are mixed, but obviously I don't want to hurt my baby. Any suggestions...? He is miserable and the Orajel doesn't seem to have any effect. Thanks in advance.

I woke up this morning having no inclination of what day it even was, and I have a sore throat, so I can't talk very loud today. What you are about to read is a whole lot of jibberish and if you stick around, I thank you immensely.
Above, we have a picture of my Chooka boots FedEx dropped on my step yesterday, along with my at home waxing kit. I love saying chookaboots, and plan on annoying my husband by over using the phrase every time I wear them...and I plan on that being a lot once the miserable snow melts and I can go outside and play again. I have an obsession, although small, with boots (thankfully my husband likes me best in boots) but I have a few other new accessories that I plan to add to my repertoire. The list includes, but is not limited to:
  • aprons (I figure if I look cute while cooking/cleaning maybe I'd find the joy in it...?!?)
  • camera strap covers for my camera
  • scarves
  • hats (I do love hats, and I think I look cutest in them so I'm adding to the collection)
  • panty hose (the thigh high kind...now that I know they stay up, I'm game. I hate the constriction of the high waisted ones)

Before I forget to add this, Trae says "sure" now.

"Trae can you open the garbage for mommy?"


"Trae, can you wipe up the milk you spilled?" (I like them to attempt to clean it up before I do a really good job...)


He also asked for his red nuk this morning.

So theres this awesome writer/photographer who's doing this really cool thing on his blog that some of you photographer types might be interested in. His name is Panic and this is his blog.

One last note regarding at home waxing, and then I'm off. I waxed my sisters eyebrows for her yesterday and did a superb job, if I do say so myself. I got the kit for what I can pay for 2 1/2 waxes in the salon and I have this weird thing where I like to wax eyebrows. I also did my own eyebrows and my lip and it hurt but I made it. I want to caution at home waxers that if you decide to venture into other territory, it may or may not be one of the dumbest decisions you make in your life, and you may or may not end up with patchy areas that may or may not bleed. That being said, free waxing for anyone who brings me chocolate.

I wish you the best of days. Ciao.

p.s. I have chosen the final name for my blog and am working on a header. My intent was to make you laugh so I hope it works. I'll be making the change soon, so stay tuned. lylas bff

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