I noticed today that Archer has thrush. I called to see if I could get a prescription with out bringing him in and the ped nurse said she'd call it in, but that I needed to call my OB to get a prescription for the cream to treat the tata's.
I called and gave my name, birth date, and other pertinent information such as when I delivered, if there were any problems with the delivery, how many deliveries I had, my dogs name, and my favorite football team. I also had to elaborate on if my nips were chapped, broken, bleeding, oozing, streaking, or hot. (no, just a little tender when nursing) Additionally, she wanted to know if I was getting treatment for the baby (yes, and we'd already established that back when I told her the ped nurse wanted my to call for the script) She wanted to know what it was, and I didn't know the name because I haven't picked it up yet and I'm no doctor. She asked if it was a cream, because she was trying to figure out if I could use the cream that they may have prescribed for him. *side note...isn't it illegal to use scripts not written out to you...? Anyway, I'm not sure what she thought I meant when I said he had raised white patches on his tongue, but the only other strain of thrush I know of is a yeasty rash in the diaper area. What I'm not-so-eloquently getting to is this: YOU CAN'T USE THRUSH NIPPLE CREAM FOR THRUSH IN THE KIDS MOUTH! When I repeated that it was in his mouth....soooo...she got all snippy and said she just wanted to establish if we could the same script or not. Well, I'm no doctor, or nurse for that matter, but I really don't think the cream is the way to go. She went all hoighty toighty (I stole that from my MIL...if I'm not sure how to spell it can I still use it...?) on my butt and said "Can I get your number...? I'll call you back with the doctors recommendations for you." So I haven't heard back, but I'm hoping to get a prescription with out having to reveal anything more than I already have, as that would involve over an hour of drive time, and would really cramp my style today.

p.s. I'm not implying all nurses are idiots, just most of the phone nurses I've talked with....maybe if you can't make it as a real nurse, they give you a phone nurse position?

(im)Patiently awaiting her call, so I can get both prescriptions at the same time and get Archer some relief, as he seems to be very bothered by it, or maybe he just needs to poop.
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