This is how it always starts...

*Innocent.* Sweet. * Endearing. * Irresistible.*
*We're working out something a little more like this*

My 2 older boys loved to finger through my hair when they were just wee bits. I loved it, so gentle. It put me to sleep too. Then it got to the point where they had to have hair to go to sleep, and the older they got, the more aggressive the pulling got. I've learned my lesson, as hard as it is to pull his intertwined fingers from my hair. He's taking to this little lovey well, so despite how darn cute it is, I'm replacing my hair with the blankie.

Bath time.

Trae received mail yesterday...thanks Ruth.
Playing with the baby.
All tuckered out.
This is the kids all time favorite game....sliding across the floor with their socks. Brookelyn traded her matching socks for mis-matches before I took the picture.

Our date went famously. Jason was home by 3pm, which isn't typical, especially when we have plans. I vowed that no matter how overwhelmed I got with the kids and everything that needed to be done, I was going to focus on staying in a good mood, so that I could enjoy the entire night rather than spend the first half waiting for my jaw to un-clench. We went to Red Lobster, and I ordered a NY Strip, and a Lobster tail. I have this weird texture thing, so I rarely eat seafood, but I am trying to get past it. I did my best and the Lobster was good, but after about 5 bites I gave the remaining portion over to Jason. I ate my whole steak though....and a salad, biscuit, baked potato...and had no room for dessert. We went to the mall afterwards to try to spend a Scheels gift card, but we only ended up buying hand soap from Bath and Body. We stopped by Barnes and Noble and had a plan to each buy a book or a magazine, but left empty handed. It's so fun to be able to focus on each other for a few hours.
Elliot is home form school again today. They've been having fun sliding across the floor in their (mis-matched) socks and playing Legos. Elliot's been trying to talk me into the idea of letting him have his "new room" in our coat closet in the living room.

Trae is his siblings worst enemy now....he learned how to tattle! Not such a fun thing for me, what will I do with 3 tattlers? This morning I let the kids each have a snack pack bag of Cheetos that Grandma bought when she was here. Trae came running into my room where I was nursing and talking with Archer.

Trae: Mama...Elliot....eat...Twae....cheetos!
Then, later on, he came running out of their room crying...

Trae: (pinching the top of his hand) Mama...Elliot...pinch...OUCH!!

And Elliot did pinch. I am trying to teach him that if he has a problem, he needs to come to me instead of taking the punishment into his own hands and spanking or pinching.

Tomorrow my Dad might take the older kids tubing, and the plan is to sort through all the kids clothes and re-organize their rooms.
**I just overheard Elliot say "Broooookelyyyyynnnnn....stop talkin' ta me cuz then my thing breaaaaaaks." Oh please.

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