No school today...too cold.

The kids have been playing War all morning. You know, the card game....? Well, Elliot goes through the cards and takes all the high cards and gives the rest to Brookelyn. I tried explaining cheating to him, and he said "But Mom, it's my game...." Finally, I intervened and shuffled the cards. Brookelyn started winning, and Elliot started freaking out because she was taking all his cards. I tried explaining again, that when he was winning he took all her cards and thats how the game is played and on and on and on...until one of the two gets mad enough and quits.

Archer has been much better today. He played happily in his saucer for awhile, but then got huffy about it. I tried to hold off a little, but that just made him go into one, big time. When I bent to pluck him out, I realized that the poor kids air was thick with the smell of whatever was in his brothers diaper. Let me just add whatever was in there was bad...even Trae couldn't stand it and said "UCK!!UCK!!" as I changed him. Maybe that wasn't the issue after all. As soon as I picked him up, he puked all down my sleeve. Oh how I hate wet sleeves, namely puked soaked wet sleeves.

It's going to be okay though, because I have a date later with a man who produces gorgeous children. I'm going to charm the pants off him (no pun intended here) with a lobster dinner.

Then we're heading to Menards to pick us some home improvement supplies and to Walmart for some toiletries, and back home to tuck our gorgeous children in bed. It's going to be good. It's going to be really good.
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