I give up

Do you think it's rude to sit on someone else's bike with no underwear on? I do, but my son begs to differ...seriously, I have no idea why he's even walking around without underwear on. sigh. I am going insane today. Archer isn't feeling well and screams when he's not asleep. When I tried to sleep while he slept, he wouldn't sleep. As soon as I gave up and got up, he screamed for 20 minutes because he was over tired, until he finally fell asleep. Elliot had early release. For the life of me I can't figure out why Elliot and Brookelyn even play with each other because all they do is argue and bicker and tattle, my goodness do they tattle. Trae is being so super sweet and cute and loving. He is an angel.

I didn't even get coffee today. boohoo.


Trae fell downstairs and bumped his head on the trim, which is the main reason why I don't let them play down there. Their father on the other hand...
I have had it up to my eyeballs with Elliot not putting his socks on. The other day, Jason took him snowboarding only to discover once they got on the hill that he didn't have socks.(I was gone, or I'd have double checked that because its an increasing problem) This morning, I set out his clothes for school...pants/shirt/socks. He got all dressed and bundled into his snow pants and coat because it.is.cold. I kissed him goodbye, and asked him not to play in the snow, because it's really cold and he'd just get colder. I found a pair of socks laying on the floor right where I had set his clothes out, so I went to the window to ask him if he had any on. He was sitting in the snowbank! Ugh! I opened the window and told him to get out of the snow and then asked if he was wearing socks.
Elliot: No, you didn't find me any.
Me: Yes, I did. They are in here on the floor, now come to the garage and get them on your feet.
Elliot: Well...but...but...well.
I get so frustrated with this. I put everything in a neat little pile for him and he puts his shirt on and dances around in his underwear, plays a game of cards, does Legos....I redirect him and he'll do his pants, eat something, read his book, horse around. I am so tired of re-directing him 30 times just to get him dressed, not to mention brushing teeth, getting snow pants/coat/hat/gloves/boots on, getting his backpack together. I guess you get the drift. I am so frustrated with it, and it makes me angry that when he doesn't listen, he always blames someone else. Mom didn't find socks, Brookelyn made him do such and such, Trae's bothering him. I have noticed the last few weeks, Elliot's been wanting to stay home from school more and more, so I'm trying to find out without coming right out and asking if something is going on at school. Last time we had issues with the kid teasing him on the bus Elliot blamed everything on that, so I don't want him to get the idea that it's okay to blame someone else when you misbehave, but if he's being bullied, of course I'd want to put an end to that too. It's so hard to know what to do and how to go about it, and the next time he kicks his sister, I don't want to hear "Well that's because Braiden broke my snowman at recess." I keep reminding him that he has to own up to things that he made the choice about and I'm at a dead end with it. I cannot get the point across, so if you have suggestions please share.
I had to take Archer in to the chiro yesterday. We are down to monthly appointments, and we are not using the Zantac hardly at all. Elliot hurt his neck snowboarding the other day, so I took him in as well. I didn't have back/neck problems until I started to snowboard, so I'm leery to let my kids go, but my husband gets frustrated with my over protectiveness, and then I get frustrated when he comes home and tells me he hurt his neck and had no socks on at the hill. He complained for 2 1/2 days about it hurting, but the chiro said his neck was kinked off to one side and he adjusted well, so we'll see if we have anymore issues.
We have plans to go visit Nate, Marsha, & the girls in GA in a few weeks. We are planning to drive through the night so hopefully the kids will sleep as much as possible. Archer is getting better in the car, but after about 1/2 an hour or so gets restless. If you have suggestions on where to go/what to do while we're down there, please share. We have plans to visit Jeremy, of course, and we are going to a beach for sure, but the rest is pretty open. (we will be gone 10 days) My biggest dilemma is packing for 6 people, and then getting it all to fit in the van.
Maybe I can bring my class materials and get some assignments done for my online class. It is much harder than I thought to do a course when you have 4 kids constantly needed something. Archer has been sleeping poorly the last few nights...his nose is stuffy and he wants to nurse all.night.long.

I am getting frustrated with myself because I'm not making time to exercises, and I really feel better when I do. I have continued to lose weight, as I have a hard time finding time to eat before 2 pm, (don't worry, my kids eat) but I just have a really hard time getting a workout in. I'd love to find a used elliptical machine for at home here so I wouldn't have to go to my Mom's to use one. My stomach has been acting up, and I've narrowed it down to an ulcer or, well, and ulcer. I have been stressing the little things lately, (and some big things) and it keeps me up at night nauseous and with stomach pains. I need to look in to something to fix this, as I am not doing so hot on very little sleep and feeling sick all the time. Besides that, I worry it's something serious.

Oh, and one last little tidbit of info...I fell down the stars at my parents house on Friday and bruised my knee big time, and my forearm somehow. I am dealing with wanting to throw up every time I look at the bruises (bruises really get my gag reflex) and I'm constantly bumping into things with them. It's so gross. Anyway...

I suppose I'll end this disjointed post and get to cleaning my bedroom, as it really needs it.

Happy Birthday Honey!

A big birthday wish goes out to my husband today...he is 30! In honor of that, I bring you 30 things I love about him.

1. His smile.

2. The way he shovels a path to both sides of the van when it snows in case I have to go somewhere with the kids.

3. When he plays Lego's with the boys.

4. The way he picks on Brookelyn...he always knows how to get a giggle out of her.

5. His eyes, except when they're crossed.

6. His ability to do pretty much anything around the house.

7. That he throws wash in every now and again.

8. That he believes in me.

9. That he finds me funny, even when other people don't.

10. His butt.;0)

11. His sense of humor.

12. His insane hat collection.

13. That he loves to take Elliot snowboarding.

14. To hear him teach the kids new things.

15. His patience.

16. His mad skills when it comes to finding places.

17. That he can always picture where I'm at and get me to where I need to go when I'm lost.

18. That he brings me coffee on Sunday mornings.

19. He doesn't mind that I talk a lot.

20. He'll watch ANTM with me online.

21. How he thinks Brookelyn is the cutest little girl ever.

22. His fascination with my toe spreading abilities.

23. How on Sunday, he kept gushing about how cute Archer's outfit was.

24. That he talks baby talk to babies.

25. He wanted a big family, and didn't make me stop after 1 boy and 1 girl.

26. He listens to my insane rants without a word.

27. That he likes women with curves, as I fit right into that category.

28. He finds me hot, despite that I've carried 4 babies and don't always feel hot.

29. He guesses me to weigh 40 pounds lighter than I actually am.

30. He makes me smile.

Hope your day is great, Happy 30th Birthday!

~ Love,

Amber, Elliot, Brookelyn, Trae, & Archer xoxoxoxoxo

* I got him a camera, and we're going out Thursday to Red Lobster to celebrate.
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