Happy Birthday Baby...

Trae blowing out his candles...the other 30 that belonged to his Dad were put out with our fire extinguisher. Apparently baby spit ruins the effect of trick candles. To hear Trae tell you how old he is click here.
We got a cake from Sam's and all our teeth were stained whatever color our cupcake happened to be. Trae's face was stained.

Oh! A John Deere!
Oh! Tra-ter!
Oh! Gum!
Oh! Gum! (this is what he did when we asked what his favorite present was)
Here he said "Dollar! Oh! Money!"
Another John Deere...a great book for meeting.
And one last gift..."Cyco!"
Concentrating....with his tongue out Baseman style.
We are putting his birthday money towards a playhouse...I'm super excited about that!
Happy 2nd Birthday, big boy!
*notice a pattern with the "Oh"....he does this each time something excites him.
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