Hello, my little friend.

Looked like a rubber snake.

Felt like a rubber snake.

However, it did not smell like a rubber snake....or taste like a rubber snake.

We swept this out from under a book shelf I moved out of the boys room the other day. It looked like a little toy snake, the kind you try to scare your sisters with when you were a kid...
My MIL told me it was real, and I was bening it and touching it. Then I noticed it was shedding it's eye shells (we had a snake once, so I know they shed their shells), right at the time the smell of the thing reached my nostrils. I proceeded to wash my hands and then put it in a bag for Elliot to take to school, but it smells really bad, so we just tossed it.
Then I washed my hands again and again and again for good measure.
What I'd love to know is how it got in to the house and why he wasn't eating our mice.

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