Hey you...yeah, YOU!!

Neisha & Jenny have an idea that tickled my fancy....

blog everyday!!! (excluding weekends)

how FUN!!!

I'm in......You?

c'mon, you know you want to....

alrighty then, I'll hold you to it.

I have a lot of things I want to write about and they are all over the place, so there will be no real tone to my blog, just very random, very me.

Like I don't blog everyday anyway, right?

p.s. Anyone else enjoy my COLORFUL posts? I really do!

What's that....you think I'm lame?

Whatev's. It trips my trigger.

I've got crazy awesome things to post about.

and since I hate suspense just as much as the next person, without further ado:
I scored a central vacuum system for $300!
okay, maybe that only excites me.
But. We decided to use a portion of Jason's bonus for central vac, what with our brood making lots of messes and whatnot. We got that this week, and I started looking into the cost of the system and then we'll do the labor ourselves. I was surfing e-bay and for around $800, we could get the basics....canister, hose, and rug vacuum thingy. Basic ones, not top of the line.
So after that, I went to Craigslist to browse around and lo and behold!!DADADADAH!!
I find my dream machine.
(oh, calm down babe, I'm only kidding)
Anyway, I like when life works like that.
Guess what else?
It's top of the line.....just ask the person I bought it from.
She's getting married on her 50th birthday (irrelevant, I know). She sold her
"upscale 1800 sq ft home" to move into her fiance's 3000 sq ft fully furnished home. Pretty
much everything about her is upscale and top of the line, right down to her Gucci sunglasses.
She bid me farewell and told me to have fun with it.
Because vacuuming is SO fun. The case is though, that my kids are messy and I'd much rather
clean up after them with an easily accessible vacuum than a very chunky monkish 40 year old
Kirby. (obviously also used since it's like double my age, we've never been able to afford new stuff. Sniff)
Actually, I hate buying things at full price ( I am my fathers daughter) and even if I had millions, I'd still
want a deal.
In other news, I was scrubbed my floor hands and knees style yesterday.
My Osgoodslaughter-esque knees could use bandaids.
I'm totally not kidding, they could rival a bottom pyramid cheerleader.
Heck, I can't even roll around on the floor with my kids today.
p.s. Have I ever blogged about the steal I got on my appliances? I found them in the paper just when I was looking for stainless steel (which we would never be able to afford, otherwise),a side by side refrigerator, stove, and microwave (the one that mounts above the stove) for $650.00. They were 1 year old.
When I went to pick them up, I noticed that all the light fixtures in their "upscale" house were taken down, and got the idea that they had been foreclosed on.
I asked them if they'd sell the dishwasher, as I figured I could get a good deal on that too.
Long story short we got all our appliances for $900.
Go Me!!
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