A few things in 2009*

* slow down and enjoy it.

* take a self portrait every day. i came across this concept in my photography magazine. this guy decided in order to learn more about the subject he'd do a self portrait everyday. i agree, and i also want to see where I'm at on those days.

* i want to write more freely. ideally, I'd love to touch people with my blog.

* be the best mom i can be.

* be the best wife i can be.

* be the best friend i can be.

* get my priorities in order and keep them there.

* rid my life of clutter

* practice yoga regularly

* establish a family night and KEEP it.

* thoroughly enjoy my family

* make it our best year yet

Happy New Year Everyone!

I'm taking 2009 by storm....or it could be the sparkling grape juice talking.
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