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If you love the hats, go to Green Vanilla Baby and send her a message!

2 minutes barefoot in the snow...tops!


Archer and Trae hugs each other all the time :)

my canine-niece, rome.

Archer was falling asleep at auntie Nikki's birthday party...and when I started taking pictures, I got this reaction.

...Grandpa rubbed his feet and sang a little and he gave in. But then we had to wash him up and he was awake for about 3 more hours that night.
I pulled another tooth out for Brookelyn, 2 in one week.

photographers kids always cooperate...
He was "hiding" so I could take any more pictures, but I think theres at least 100 after this point.
I love this zebra rug for pictures...but I priced them out and won't be adding one to my repretiore, not even close to in the budget.
Snuggling brothers.


Lindsay said...

good to know even professionals' kids aren't cooperative, lol! :) thanks for linking... the boys are adorable!

Lindsay said...

oh- btw... your email did get thru at gmail, fyi. and all the way down d & w's driveway last night, cole was saying "come here, trae, come here"... it was SO cute!

Neisha said...

cute pictures

Sam said...

Adorable pics!

Heather T said...

adorable hats!! cute kids, too;0) love the pics...

Brian, Erin, Connor & Ty said...

Awesome pictures... adorable kids... and sweet hats!!

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